PLA016 Deaf Fones, Phone Books and Phone Bills

Deaf Fones, Phone Books and Phone Bills

Written by Zak on January 15, 1995

TDD Fun:

Roy! Welcome to PLA file #16. This file is about TDD machines. Those cute little keyboards and acoustic hookups that you find on payphones. TDD devices can provide hours of fun for a bored phreak, or just someone who has nothing better to do with his life, like me. TDD's are so deaf people can pay outrageous phone bills just like the rest of us.

Say you are walking through the airport on the way back from HoHoCon and see one of these cool things. Flip the power switch next to the screen, put the receiver on the rubber circles. Dial the relay number for whatever state you're in, and the operator will begin typing to you. Ask her to call somebody for you. It has to be in that area code, and you have to pay with a calling card or third number billing or another fraudulent method if you're going to call long distance.

So, you found a TDD, and the operator called your friend Bobby. If he doesn't know about the relay service, she will explain it to him. Then, she will say WHATEVER you type on the keyboard, no matter how silly, obscene or illegal, she must repeat what you tell her to. We have had them talk about such things as cocaine deals, blowing up commuter flights, and even "Oh baby, my pussy is so wet."

As a service to deaf people, TDD's don't charge anything for a local call. If anyone knows where there is a TDD machine in the 618 area code, tell me because I really want to steal it. Also, most TDD machines don't have any punctuation and only type in CAPS so you need special codes to do some things.

Q === a question mark

GA == Means Go ahead

SKSK= Goodbye

Getting a copy of someones phone bill

This is an easy and fun way to get revenge on someone. Just call up the Billing Office (Ameritech: 1-800-244-4444) and get the operator for home accounts. Tell her you will be out of state around the time your phone bill arrives, and you want it to be sent to another address. Usually, the operator will be happy to do this for you, but sometimes you get the operator who seems to think that she is with undercover Bell Sekurity, and want info like your SS# or want to call you back at home. If you get one of these types of operators, hang up or something. You might already have the victims SS#, but most of the time, it will not be needed.

Now it's time to choose a place for the bill to be sent to. Some good places are, his parents house, a friends house, or maybe a P.O. Box that you got in someone else's name. Then, you will have his family and friends numbers, and most of the other people he calls. You can call him up and recite some numbers off the bill, or how much he owes. One nice thing about this is that this will probably make him late paying the bill, and he will owe a late charge!

Phone Books

Once again, call up the billing office, and press whatever button gives you the phone directory ordering line. An operator will ask how she can help you. Tell her what city, state or country you want a phone book from. She will ask for a bunch of things like your name, number and address.

Give her whatever name you want the book sent in, someone else's number, and a P.O. Box you want the books sent to. The books that you order wil be billed to whatever number you gave her, so it really doesn't matter if the address belongs to the person that gets the bill for them. to mail Zak. Long live the PLA!

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